The necessary steps to start receiving freight orders through Robin Platform

  1. What is Freight Centre?
    • Freight Centre is considered the main place for the freight companies at the first place. You can find all what you need to receive the new freight orders through Robin Platform. You can list your prices and countries, manage orders, and monitor your performance.
    • We decided to separate this from the customer's experience wishing to order a freight service. You can work and focus on the development of your commercial businesses. You will be able to do a freight process to one of the destinations available easily by moving to the main website.
    • We renewed most of the functions to make things faster and easier starting from adding the countries, managing orders, and reaching to collection of money.
These tools were arranged according to their sections as follows:
  • Main Panel: this panel is similar to the gadgets panel of your car. It will display the most significant figures, your consignments movements, and market measurements.
  • Orders Management: yes, customers like to start from here. You can see here the customers' order for your new consignments. You can follow up the freight processes and ensure to receive and deliver parcels on time. You will be able to receive money and customers recommendations if things were well.
  • Financials: things are getting more serious, right? Do not worry! They are not complicated as they seem. You will see all your sales transactions with the details of the listed fees. You will be able to withdraw money and transfer them to your bank account. We are aware that financials can be complicated a little bit for some sellers, that is why we decided to explain how this section works.
  • Performance: we believe that customers loyalty comes from remarkable performance; this section was dedicated to achieve that. You can see your performance review monthly in addition to management of users orders and complaints. Outstanding performance and little complaints can result in more trust and sales at the end of the day.
  • Settings: there is nothing special in here. You can manage your account details and settings including your business information, bank account details, and others.
  1. Plan your own sale strategy
Although it is easy to create an account and start the process of listing your destinations on Robin Platform, it is very important to plan what services you are about to provide!

The following points summarise what you have to take into consideration before listing your countries and prices on Robin Platform:

  • Ensure that you have the sufficient experience and knowledge of all countries from and to you would freight. This looks an easy but very significant question. Concentrate on what customers want.
  • Invest some time in examining the prices provided by the competitor companies on Robin Platform. You will find that competition is very hot and that prices are varying daily. This may make you think of making profits at less percentages to receive customers favoring in return; this will make the process fair enough.
  • If you were unable to provide services of consignment pickup from customers, let this to Robin Platform. Robin will provide you to a practiced programme to complete your consignment pickup process by taking the commodities from the client and deliver them to you. We will attend to all details and finally will collect your money for you.

Do not let fear overwhelm you regarding competition with big names. We provide the opportunity to all freight companies and evaluate according to performance. Customers' satisfaction is the main factor to win it.
Our team is always available for your help. Do not hesitate to contact us on and we are ready to assist you gladly.

  1. Six advices to increase your sales
We provide you here with the best six advices and recommendations that can help in increasing your sales and have more customers
  • Market study and analysis of points of strength and weakness of competitors
    Ensure that you are top follower of all market changes and tendencies. When you know such things, this will help your make better decisions and to take the chance before others. Have a look at the other competitors who provide freight service to the same destinations you provide to and ensure that you know their points of strength and weakness to be able to follow.
  • Set fair and competitive prices
    All freight companies want to receive more profits and revenues at the end of the day; increasing your prices and profits margins can achieve that, but you will not be the customers first option. On another perspective, you can encourage more customers order freight service from you when you put less prices and receive less profits which will lead to the same result at the end of the day.
  • Customers satisfaction
    It is an important point. For the satisfaction of customers, you need to build good reputation among people and increase your popularity. Ensure that you accept all orders and make sure that they are freighted on time. Negative ratings will remain haunting you no matter how small and trivial they were. Ensure that this will not happen.
  • Provide freight services to required destinations
    Imagine that you provide a freight service to a country that is searched for only by five customers a year and a country searched for by 100 customers a day. Which one will receive more freight orders? Make sure that you follow what customers search for and try to provide this in a unique way.
  • Hearing and responding to complaints
    This is not only a frustrated customer only. These words are quickly spread among people and customers will be thinking carefully before deciding to order freight from a non-trusted company. Ensure that you heard what customers say and ensure that you assisted them overcome such problems.
  • Secure positive ratings
    This is the best way to become trustworthy and favoured among people. Customers always select the freight companies with high classification and rating. Ensure to monitor your performance all the time.
  1. What is the freight commission on Robin Platform?
  • The fees that need to be paid to Robin Platform, for every process approved by the companies, is 12% of the freight value exclusive governmental taxes.
  • Freight company pays an amount of 5 US Dollars per balance withdrawal transaction.
  • The price put by the freight company is the price that will appear to the customer directly. Therefore, the freight company needs to take into consideration to add Robin Platform commission to the final price then the services based on the above formula.