How Does Robin Works ?

Simply It’s # Steps to send your cargo from turkey to whole world

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1- Choose a shipping destination

All you must do is choose the country you want to ship to; we cover more than 70 countries around the world

2- Complete all the information

You must write all the information and fill out the search request form completely to get better results, if you do not know the measurement of your shipment, then there is no problem contacting customer service through the live chat at the bottom of the page you are currently on

3- price comparison

See the prices of all shipping companies in Turkey that can perform this task for you, compare them and search in the details of the shipping period and the price per kilogram for each company, and do not forget to review the terms and conditions of shipping for each company

4- Choose the right company

After you choose the right company for you, request the shipping service through the special icon next to each company

5- Writing receiving and delivery information and reviewing the request

After you have requested the shipment, write the location of the shipment at the current time and tell us if you want the service of receiving your shipment and sending it to the shipping company that you have chosen to ship your order, and you can deliver it to Robin's warehouse for free and without fees.

Review the order and wait for the shipping company to accept your order

6- Pay the internal delivery fees

After accepting the order from the shipping company, you must pay the internal delivery fees from the location of the shipment at the present time to our warehouse and then to the warehouse of the shipping company

7- Pay the air freight

After confirming all the information that you wrote when requesting shipping, such as the weight and dimensions of each parcel and the number of parcels, the shipment status will be updated in your control panel, and only then you can pay the air freight

1. Open an account

Start your first step to work with us by opening a personal account and then upgrade your account to a shipping company account. We will ask you for some legal papers that you will upload online.

2. Signing contracts

After opening your account, you must visit the Robin office and sign a work contract to start providing shipping services through our search engine

3. Training

Your account manager will train your staff to use the Robin website

4. The provision of services

After the successful completion of the training, you will start setting your own prices for each of the destinations that you can ship to

5. Receive requests

Get ready to receive customers' shipping request through the Robin website

6. Shipping orders

After you approve the shipment request, the Robin team will pick up the shipments from all customers, and then you must visit the Robin warehouse, receive the Shipment, and start shipping procedures

7. Receipt of payments

Congratulations, you have completed your shipping process. You can transfer freight charges through your control panel