How do you pay your money?

Payment is made to freight companies in an easy and simple way as follows:
Addition of the bank account details: this is what you need to transfer money to you. To add these details, kindly go the Settings -> Bank Account Details, which require the following details:
Account Owner Name
Bank Name
Bank Branch
Account No.
Freight the customers' orders: easily sell your services advertised on Robin Platform which price shall be added to your account balance on Robin Platform.
Wait until your cash becomes available: when your services are purchase, you will not be able to withdraw them immediately. We keep them under processing until we make sure that the customer received his consignment. Then, that value shall appear in the Available Balance which means that you can withdraw it whenever you want.
Balance withdrawal: this is the last step. All you need to do is to go to Financials -> Balance Withdrawal. There you can specify the amount you want to be transferred to your bank account. Kindly note that the balance withdrawal order takes 12 to 15 working days to be transferred.

Important Notes on Balance Withdrawal

Below are some important notes that you need to know about balance withdrawal from your account as a freight company in Robin Platform.
Any balance withdrawal process requires 127 to 15 working days to be transferred to your bank account.
There are a specific number of withdrawal processes allowed during a specific period. They vary depending on the country, they are as follows:
Turkey – one transaction every 7 working days.

Preview of Withdrawal Processes Status Page

Through this page, you can see all previous withdrawal processes you made with the status of each of them.
To facilitate the matter, we classified the withdrawal processes into two sections:
Unpaid: all withdrawal processes that were not paid yet; added to those you faced problems in payment and stating the reason.
Paid: all withdrawal processes that were successfully paid including the date and value of the withdrawal order.

General Preview of the Financial Account Summary Page

This article will help you understand the details of the Financial Account Summary page in addition to the terminologies used therein.
This page shows all payments added to your account (Credit) or those deducted from it (Debit). Every time one of your services advertised on Robin Platform is ordered, you will notice that the price of that service will be added to your balance, and the fees applicable will be deducted.
Below is a quick preview of some of the terminologies used in this page:
Available Balance: total here means the value that you can withdraw from your balance, whether the amount in full or part.
Balance under process: whenever you have a new freight order, the freight charges of that order will not be available directly. We keep them under process until we ensure that the customer has successfully received his consignment.
Additional Fees: this value shows the total fees incurred on you such as the fines for late delivery of consignment to the customer for a long time and for unjustifiable reasons, or delivering the consignment with partial or full damage.