About Robin

We transform logistic services from hard challenge into a supportive function and joyful experience
Robin is a first of kind logistic services digital platform in the Middle East that was designed to assist companies, business pioneers, and customers globally perform the best air freight experience from Turkey.
Robin is considered one of the largest platforms around the world to provide air freight services from Turkey to its customers all over the globe by listing the shipping companies as per rating, price, and freight speed so you can find the best air freight company through Robin at the best prices.
We promise you that you will have the best international air freight from Turkey and assist you to ship electronically trustfully and safely. We will be your constant logistic supporter to freight anything you want by air starting from parcels reaching heavy loads directly while you are at home and enjoy post freight services.
We provide our services to customers, small companies, and shipping companies in the Arab Homeland and all over the world. We ensure to provide a fantastic air freight experience online that stands out in readiness, speed, punctuality, and safety.

All air freight companies in one place!

We know very well that the hardest problem facing the customers is to find a good air freight company that provides suitable freight prices to freight their various commodities.
Therefore, we grouped all world trusted air freight companies in one place on Robin Platform which provides you with the experience to compare among the quotations provided by them easily and to select one of them to order freighting your consignment in one click.
Robin Platform was basically created to assist its customers wishing to freight their products from Turkey by air to all world countries compare the companies freight quotations. Robin customer can get the air freight services price through more than one company at the same time and with a single click wherever he was to view many quotations.
Robin can help you compare and select:

  • Robin Platform provides the user with multiple and more flexible air freight options.
  • User can compare air freight service price and select among the fastest, cheapest, or top rated.
Easy and comfortable platform

We provide you through our platform with an easy, fast, comfortable, and unsophisticated air freight experience via our website which helps you compare the prices of freight companies in Turkey to any country in the world. Then, you can complete the freight process easily and receive a Track ID of your consignment to track the freight process step by step until your consignment reports to you. Ordering air freight services with us has become today easy, effective, and effortless.

Platform designed especially for air freight problems solutions for companies and individuals

The idea of Robin stemmed off the real problems facing e-commerce platforms, especially sellers there and the freight companies around the world. It provides the best logistic solutions to manage freight processes, decrease the cost, and develop the freight and delivery processes.
We heard the complaints of thousands of users around the world about their experiences with air freight companies in Turkey. We understand well that you seek air freight for speed and completion. Therefore, we promise you that you will no longer wait for your consignment to report to you. We provide you with the easiest and fastest safe and comfortable electronic way to freight your products and commodities from Turkey to any place in the world, and to track them with one click.
You will no longer worry about the freight company response to your complaint regarding your consignment. We are doing this task for you and we place a fair programme of complaints and evaluation that ensures all the rights of both parties. In addition, air freight companies contracting with us are concerned to improve and develop their services to the customers continuously to maintain their rating with us.

Do not worry about air freight procedures anymore!

We take for you’re the difficult and long freight procedures and their high costs. You do not need to travel to Turkey yourself to freight your commodities. You do not need to do such sophisticated procedures. We, in Robin website, will do all that for you. Today you can freight your commodities where you were outside Turkey only by entering some simple details to start the air freight journey until your commodities report to you even if you are not familiar or do not have the sufficient experience of the freight procedures. We relief you from getting busy with these details. All you need to do is to submit an order to one of the freight companies available in our platform, and leave the rest for us.

Robin Platform in figures

Our network attracts today more than 100,000 customers monthly, and ships more than 10,000 parcels every month to the different countries. Robin air freight platform is deemed a hub for more than 600 air freight companies with the customers wishing to ship their cargos from Turkey to all world countries by air.

Different safe and comfortable payment solutions online!

We provide you with several safe and comfortable payment methods online to enjoy an easy and fabulous air freight experience. We are complied with providing the best safe air freight experience for our users online. Therefore, we bind the air freight companies contracting with us not to collect any due fees for freight service before arriving at the destination
Ensuring the safety and maintaining your commodities against loss or damage. We promise our users to provide the best air freight experience of their commodities. We pay a special attention to the maintenance and safety measurements for such commodities since collecting them from their original shops in Turkey until delivering them to you.
Robin user can submit a complaint through our platform should there be any problem related to air freight. This ensures delay of delivery, damage, partial or full loss of the consignment. Robin Platform is a safety assurance of the user and an assured method to ensure that such companies would perform air freight service without any problem during the freight process.